Continuing Education Submissions

Twenty four (24) CEUs are required every two years to maintain your registration with the Board.

If currently credentialed with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and the Nevada Board, please use their current submission procedures. Print out a copy when requested.

If credentialed with the Nevada Board but not with the NEHA please, use this form – “CEU Submission Form and Instructions” – (PDF-214 kb)

Complete it and send it to the NEHA with their fee. The Board uses NEHA to track CEUs.

For a copy of the Child Support Declaration letter. – (PDF-52 kb)

When your annual statement for membership and registration from the Board arrives in the fall, you will need to download your CEU report from NEHA and submit a printed copy to the Board with your reapplication and dues.

There is no need to submit proof of courses through certificates or agendas or any other means.  Only the NEHA report, please.

From this point on, this will be the means that the REHS Board uses to ensure that you as a Nevada registrant are maintaining your continuing education.

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