• Fingerprinting Procedures

  • Obtain one fingerprint card from the agency taking the prints.  The police or sheriff’s office may have blank cards for use.

  • Go to the police or sheriff’s office with fingerprint cards in hand.

  • The applicant fills out the “Reason being fingerprinted” as: NRS 625A.100. Have prints taken.

  • The applicant get  submits the fingerprint card with their application and sends it to the Board.

  • Once the application and fingerprint cards are received by the Board, the account number will be added to the cards before they are submitted to the Department of Public Safety for the fingerprint background check.

Important, please read….

Your card cannot be processed without the following fields fully completed by you – either typed or printed in black ink. 

  1. Signature of Person Fingerprinted
  2. Residence of Person Fingerprinted
  3. Date and Signature (or ID #) of Official Taking Fingerprints
  4. Employer and Address
  5. Reason for Fingerprints as NRS 625A.100.
  6. Last, first and middle name or initial
  7. Aliases (If none, indicate none)
  8. Citizenship
  9. Social Security number
  10. Miscellaneous number as 881193
  11. Sex, Race, Height, Weight, Eye color, Hair color
  12. Date of Birth
  13. Place of Birth
  14. Leave all other fields blank